Only pay for the time you need!

The great thing about Edwards Virtual Assistance is that it is a cost effective way to get the job done. With a Virtual Assistant there is no salary or other fees and taxes to pay that come along with hiring an employee. Save money by only paying for the services you need!


Hourly rate for the first 1-14 hours a month


Hourly rate when more that 15 hours in a month

Benefits of a Virtual Assistant

An average Full-Time administrative assistant on average costs over $3,000 every month. By hiring a Virtual Assistant, you are only paying for the work you need done, end of transaction! No benefits, no overhead, no tax liability, and no sick days. Get started! Click here

Edwards Virtual Assistance offers a wide variety of services to help meet your business needs including administrative, communications and document services. 
Industry leaders recommend delegating as much as possible. The more you delegate the more time you can spend growing your business! 
Here is a list of commonly requested services. If you don’t see what you need here, please don’t hesitate to ask! Click here to provide details on your specific needs and start getting the extra help  you need.

✔︎  Create or maintain office documentation and databases

✔︎  Design PowerPoint presentations

✔︎  Calendar management

✔︎  Receiving, routing, and responding to e-mail and/or phone calls

✔︎  Responding to customer service inquiries

✔︎  Creating subscriber based mailing lists

✔︎  Receiving and paying bills

✔︎  Online shopping for best pricing for software, hardware, travel, etc.

✔︎  Booking travel

✔︎  Ordering office supplies

✔︎  Research and fact checking

✔︎  Data entry

✔︎  Payroll

✔︎  Invoicing

✔︎  Email marketing

✔︎  Website creation, management and support

✔︎  Content creation for blogs, websites and more

✔︎  Respond to emails and setup email lists

✔︎  Compose and distribute business communications

✔︎  Social media account management

✔︎  Create proposals and manuals

✔︎  Proofreading and editing

✔︎  Newsletters

✔︎  Transcription

✔︎  Sending welcome kits

✔︎  Ad creation and implementation

✔︎  Create PDF files

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